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Water Softener in Palm Bay, FL

Does the water pressure in your faucet seem slower than usual? Have you been experiencing an entire blockage of your pipes that's restricting the flow of water? If you suspect something is wrong with your pipes, call First Quality Plumbing. We're a full-service plumbing company that provides expert advice and stellar customer service.

Many people might not be aware that groundwater—which contains lots of magnesium, calcium, and other minerals—is often referred to as hard water. These metals are acquired from the groundwater and dissolve from rocks and the surrounding soil. Once the metals dissolve, they create scales that build up on the inside of pipes, coffee makers, industrial machinery, and water heaters. Using water softener in Palm Bay, FL, combats hard water to provide a free-flowing access for the water.

Installed Water Softener in Palm Bay, FL

The Advantages to Water Softener Installation

Washing machines, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, showers, and toilets are all appliances that are used on a daily basis. If the pipes for any one of these appliances have hard water running through them, then you're not getting the most use out of them. You'll notice many differences right away to your water after our plumbers conduct a water softer installation, including:

  • Softer skin and smoother hair
  • Soap and shampoo lather quicker
  • Shinier, cleaner glassware and silverware
  • Keeps your appliances running smoothly, which saves you money on repairs
  • Fabric of clothes last longer, softer clothes, and colors stay brighter longer

Expert Water Softener Repair

When you need reliable water softener repair, you can count on us. Our plumbing specialists have the necessary training and knowledge to repair any water softener. Whether it's in your home or office building, we take the necessary time to find what's causing the issue. Once we find it, we provide the most effective solution.

Family-Owned Water Treatment Company

As a family-owned business, we've been servicing the residents and other local businesses in the community for 18 years. Everyone in our water treatment company believes in putting the customer first and doing what is right. You can rely on our plumbers for sound advice regarding any issue you're having with your plumbing. From water heaters to drain cleaning to water softeners, our technicians have a plethora of knowledge to make sure all of your plumbing appliances run efficiently and function properly. 

Contact us to speak with one of our technicians about a water softer installation. We proudly serve customers in Palm Bay, Melbourne, Rockledge, Vero Beach, and Cocoa Beach, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.