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Slab Leak Detection in Palm Bay, FL

Have you noticed your water bill increase over the past couple of months even though your water consumption rate has roughly stayed the same? Are puddles showing up in your yard for unexplained reasons? It's possible you might have a leak in one of your slabs that needs to be taken care of immediately. Call First Quality Plumbing to inspect your property.

We offer comprehensive slab leak detection in Palm Bay, FL, and use the most advanced equipment to identify the source of the problem. Each of our plumbing specialists has the experience and training to properly address any issue and provide you with options that best fit your particular circumstance. Residential and commercial customers have been coming to us for 18 years because we are committed to giving our customers a premier slab leak service.

Efficient and Reliable Slab Leak Repair

Knowing you have a leak somewhere in your home or business and locating it are two entirely different matters. Pipes carry water that run throughout and underneath your building. You don't want someone digging up floors or cutting into walls unless you know exactly where the damage is coming from. Our slab leak repair specialists never start work on your home until we've found the root of the problem.

Our plumbers use the latest technology to determine exactly how, why, and where the problem initiated. Some of the most common locations where water leaks occur are under asphalt, in walls, on roofs, and in the basement. Once we determine the cause, we discuss the options you have available to repair your slabs.

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When to Call Our Slab Leak Service

Leaks of any kind, whether they occur in your water heater, toilet, or faucet, can cause serious damage if not treated in a timely manner. Small leaks have the tendency to turn into big problems, and those are the types of problem we want to keep our customers from experiencing. The sound of running water when all of the water is turned off, hot spots on the floor, cracks in the wall and flooring, high water bills, and excessive moisture underneath your carpet are all indicators of a slab leak.

If you notice any of these signs in your home, call us right away. We offer 24-hour emergency slab leak service for all of our customers in the local area. We understand how critical time is and you can count on us to arrive quickly. We keep a plumber on call who is ready to handle any potential plumbing threat to your property, in case of emergencies.

Contact our office to find your slab leak. We proudly serve customers in Palm Bay, Melbourne, Rockledge, Vero Beach, and Cocoa Beach, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.