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Garbage Disposal Service in Palm Bay, FL

You can't go into a kitchen these days without seeing a garbage disposal. It has become a part of the modern kitchen, and for good reason. It makes cleaning up dishes very easy, and instead of putting food in the trash, you can easily grind it up in the disposal. When you're looking for a professional and reliable garbage disposal service in Palm Bay, FL, rely on First Quality Plumbing.

Our plumbers are skilled in garbage disposal installation, repair, and replacement. For your convenience, we also fix other fixtures of your property, such as faucets and toilets. Whether we're visiting your home or your office, we treat your property as if it were our very own. You can trust our plumbers to act in a professional and respectful manner during each job.

Plumbing Repairing Sink in Palm Bay, FL

Common Causes for Garbage Disposal Repair

Even though garbage disposals have become ubiquitous in the modern kitchen, they are commonly used improperly. Garbage disposals are meant to grind up small pieces of food that are left over after plates and utensils are rinsed. One of the main reasons for garbage disposal repair happens when too much food is put in the disposal. Large pieces of food can overwhelm and end up clogging the drain.

If your drain does end up becoming clogged, don't worry. Our plumbers are experts in drain cleaning and have all of the necessary tools to finish the job quickly and efficiently. We carefully inspect your disposal to check for any foreign objects that may be causing the blockage. We take every precaution to ensure your safety during the inspection and repair process.

Professional Garbage Disposal Installation

Nobody likes a smelly kitchen. Many foods, especially raw food, start to smell after they've been thrown away, and if left in the trash can for a few days, can even attract maggots and cockroaches. Let our plumbers save you the time and trouble of dealing with unsightly bugs in your kitchen.

A garbage disposal installation not only keeps bugs away, but it also makes cleaning much easier. Preparing a meal can sometimes be very arduous and take many hours. The last thing you want to do after a big meal is spend all night cleaning. Simply put your food in the garbage disposal and move on to the next task.

Prevent Garbage Disposal Replacement Accidents

Garbage disposals are an attractive addition to a kitchen, but they can also be dangerous. Take the stress of potentially cutting yourself away and allow us to handle the job. Our experienced technicians can clear any blockage you have in a timely manner and if necessary, we can also provide a garbage disposal replacement.

Contact us to safely inspect your garbage disposal. We proudly serve customers in Palm Bay, Melbourne, Rockledge, Vero Beach, and Cocoa Beach, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.